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When you are battling through an important and valuable legal situation, you need to get advice from an experienced trial attorney. Attorney Sam Goble of Avault Law defends cases in criminal law and civil litigation in Salt Lake City, Perry, Cache Valley, Box Elder, Weber, and Davis counties, so you can rest easy knowing that your future is in good hands.

Whether a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge, or a civil contract, land dispute or personal injury claim, we’ll meet with you to evaluate your legal case to devise the best plan of action for your case. Call 801-319-7273 today to schedule a free consultation with an attorney.

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When you’re involved in a civil litigation case, attorney Sam Goble can handle the prosecution or defense for your situation. You want an experienced attorney who can see what’s coming financially, emotionally and strategically to help you plan for in accordance. We’ll walk you through every step of the legal process and answer any questions along the way.

Get a reputable and competent trial attorney by your side in and out of the courtroom. Contact Avault Law to speak with Sam Goble, a civil litigation lawyer with offices in Salt Lake City and Perry, serving Cache Valley, Box Elder, Weber, and Davis counties.

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When your future hangs in the balance and you’re feeling overwhelmed about potential fines and prison time, attorney Sam Goble will keep your best interests in mind. He’ll gather facts about your criminal case and establish the best defense possible. We represent clients throughout Ogden, Brigham, Logan, Utah and surrounding areas. At Avault Law, we’re ready to handle cases involving:

You want to be sure you have the representation you deserve and to get the best advice possible. Contact Sam Goble at Avault Law today to hire a criminal defense lawyer with offices in Salt Lake City and Perry, serving Cache Valley, Box Elder, Weber, and Davis counties.

May 2018-Resolved Boundary Dispute

During the sale of a property, seller sued neighbor to enforce claim of boundary by adverse possession against neighbor’s adjacent land. Sam Goble hired to protect adjacent neighbor’s land and claim of an easement running through seller’s property. Issue complicated by seller’s contracting to sell land to a third party contingent upon settling the dispute. Mr.

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February 2018 Property Boundary Dispute Resolved

Neighbor boundary dispute in residential area. Mr. Goble hired to prosecute client claims of historical boundary or boundary by acquiescence against survey results. Case settled to client’s satisfaction.

Entry of Protective Order Against Millionaire Boyfriend

Client was assaulted by boyfriend in a different state and fled to Utah to live.  Ex Boyfriend began online campaign against client, including revenge porn. Ex Boyfriend also began having client followed and calling client at work. Ex Boyfriend sued client in civil court in a different state on frivilous charges.  Client successfully filed for

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