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Entry of Protective Order Against Millionaire Boyfriend

Client was assaulted by boyfriend in a different state and fled to Utah to live.  Ex Boyfriend began online campaign against client, including revenge porn. Ex Boyfriend also began having client followed and calling client at work. Ex Boyfriend sued client in civil court in a different state on frivilous charges.  Client successfully filed for

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March 2018 Domestic Violence Charges – Not Filed

Client was in an argument with domestic partner and left the residence. Police called and investigation pursued against client. Client refused to speak to investigators and advised charges would be filed. Sam Goble was hired to handle anticipated domestic violence assault charges.  Mr. Goble spoke with investigators and conducted independent investigation including revealing a previously

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May 2018 – Dismissal of Child Abuse Charge

Client in dispute with spouse when police were called. Police took reports of child abuse. Client charged, not booked into jail. Hired Sam Goble to review case. Goble advised client on how to negotiate ongoing relations with spouse and children during case without incurring any more trouble. Goble also advised client regarding potential actions to

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