The Prosecutior Believes Your DUI Is Serious. Mount A Serious Defense

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Your DUI charge is taken very seriously by the prosecutor. To ensure the best outcome, becomes serious about your defense. A conviction leadsto criminal and administrative penalties. Perhaps just as serious are the effects of a DUI on your job, family, security. Hire an attorney inform you of your defenses, your best options and to help you navigate the case through trial. Avault Law and Attorney Sam Goble have defended DUI trials all over Northern Utah. We can fight the case with you, and prepared you to move forward with your life.Avault Law and Attorney Sam Goble will vigorously defend your DUI case in Utah.

Avault Law and Sam Goble have a decade of experience defending against DUIs. We know the law, we know how the police training, we know their standards and we know your potential defenses. DUI laws and enforcement tactics are always changing, but Avault Law and Sam Goble are aware of the latest changes and will analyze the facts of your case to ensure the best outcome possible. Avault Law and Attorney Sam Goble take DUI and Alcohol related offenses in Cache Valley, Box Elder Weber and Salt Lake Counties. Call and consult with a criminal defense attorney now.

You’ve been Arrested or Cited for a Crime, What Now?

Utah law states that anyone who is pulled over and found to have a blood alcohol content (“BAC”) above .08 is presumed guilty of being impaired and DUI. Beginning in 2019, that standard will be reduced to .05 BAC. Officers use your driving pattern, speech, dexterity to determine if you might be under the influence of alcohol. Thereafter, they ask you to participate in a series of Field Sobriety Tests to confirm their suspicion. They may then ask you to blow into a small machine to confirm alcohol on your breath. Thereafter, they seek to prove the alcohol content using a breath test machine. The investigation is unusually complex, and at every stage of this investigation, there are standards and protocols. An error in any one of them might unfairly bias or taint the investigation against you. We know these rules and we also know what the state legislatures will and will not allow prosecutors to do. In Utah, there’s a possibility to reduce your charges if there are problems with the case, or even have the case dismissed. If all else fails, a capable DUI defense attorney can give you your best chance at winning the trial.Attorney Sam Goble is experienced defending every type of DUI case involving alcohol and drugs. He will:

  • Analyze the facts your case.
  • Learn your personal circumstances and goals:
  • Explain the facts of DUI law to you, applying the facts of your case, and explain potential consequences in light of your career, immigration status, family and other personal details.
  • Work with you to determine the best defense for your case.

Every case different. Every person is different. Every judge and prosecutor is different. We offer experience, knowledge and commitment will allow you Call Avault Law and Attorney Sam Goble for DUI defense in Cache, Box Elder, Weber and Salt Lake Counties,